Damien Linnane is the author of the thriller novel Scarred, which was written by hand while he was incarcerated for crimes the sentencing magistrate described as “vigilante action”. He has also written for the news website 10 daily and the academic journal Advances in Librarianship. In 2021, Damien became the editor of Paper Chained, a journal aimed at people affected by the prison system. He is currently in the post-production stage of publishing a memoir.

Self-taught while in prison, Damien is the owner and operator of the art business Vigilante Studios. He has held two solo art exhibitions, and is the illustrator of the book This is Ear Hustle.

Damien holds a masters degree in Information Studies and works primarily as an archivist. He also lobbies for better educational programs and mental health support for incarcerated persons, and is available for interviews and speaking appearances.