Live zoom chat with Mid North Coast library

Its been a good few weeks since you heard from me last friends. My masters degree (specialising in records and archives) turned up in the mail last Wednesday, plus I found a temporary work contract as an archivist, which is my end-term career goal after all. I’ve finished the draft of my memoir and am now working on polishing it up (and trying to trim the word count down) before I submit it to publishers. That’s always a long process unfortunately, but at least the hardest part is done. But mostly today I want to talk about the promotion for my novel I’ve got lined up for next month.

Things will be kicking off pretty early. I’ve done a pre-recorded talk for Hawksbury Library Service, which they’ll be releasing on September 1st. I’ll be added to their list of ‘Guest Authors‘ on that date. This was my first pre-recorded video, but it won’t be my only video appearance this month.

On September 9th at 2pm, you’ll be able to catch me live via a zoom interview with Mid North Coast library, talking about my novel and the process of writing it. Register for the event here. While I’ve now done pre-recorded radio interviews, a podcast, and obviously this upcoming Hawksbury video talk, this experience with Mid North Coast library will be my first live interview. Naturally I’m a little nervous, but I’m really looking forward to this exciting new opportunity.

I’ve also got two more podcast interviews lined up for September. I’ll be recording on the 12th with a UK podcaster and with a US based one on the 28th. I haven’t been given the dates the recordings will be released yet, but I’ll post the links here as always once they’re online. Best wishes till then, and hope to see you in the zoom interview!

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