New podcast interview with Bare Books

If you’re not subscribed to Bare Books podcast yet, here’s a new reason to be. Season 2 of their show kicks off with an interview with me and discussion of my novel Scarred. The interview with me goes for about 25 minutes, though for me listening to the two hosts continue to discuss my novel after the interview ended was the most entertaining part. There’s something surreal about listening to two critics heatedly debating the motivation of characters you created and ending up having to agree to disagree with each other. Check out the episode here.

Incidentally if you missed the excerpts from the ‘Towards a World Without Prisons’ webinar when they aired on 4ZZZ radio in Brisbane earlier this month you can now check it out parts of it here on my YouTube channel.¬† I was one of three panel members interviewed for the program.

I’ve got another podcast interview coming out shortly, plus another couple video talks with libraries in the works. Stay tuned for more news.

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