Podcast, video and festival interviews

A brand new podcast interview with me just dropped today. Joshua from The Exiled Voice and I talk about the prison system, our personal experiences and how they have shaped the people we are today. Check it out here. And if you missed it, a video interview I did with Murray Bridge Library last December was also released a few weeks back. Watch it here on YouTube.

Tickets are also now on sale for my first public in-person talk about my novel and writing. As previously mentioned I’ll be on a panel at the Write Here! festival in Lake Macquarie on March 26, alongside authors Jacqui Svenson and Ron McCarthy. Bookings are essential so grab tickets from Eventbrite while you still can. The festival was one of four events I was booked to appear at in 2020 that ended up being cancelled due to COVID, so it’s wonderful to be able reschedule yet another one of the opportunities that I ended up missing out on. And if you haven’t got a copy of Scarred yet, I’ll also be available directly after my talk at the festival to sell signed copies.

New podcast interview with West Coast Radio

An interview I gave with West Coast Radio in Seattle has just aired today. You can listen here to us talking about the outrageous case of Bobby Bostic, a 16-year-old African-American sentenced to 241 years in Missouri for armed robbery. I’d go into more detail about the absurdities and injustice of that case, but needless to say if you want the whole story it’s there in the podcast, intermixed with how I got involved campaigning for Bobby, my own prison experience, plus we touch on my novel a little too. Please check out the links here if you’d like to help Bobby’s fight for freedom.

Things are busy as always for me. I recently recorded another podcast interview which should be released in a month or so. I’ve also now finished enough artworks for my next solo exhibition, and am negotiating dates for a gallery space. And I signed the contract to illustrate the upcoming book, as mentioned in my last post. I need to complete the artworks by the end of April, so that’s going to be where most of my energy is focused until then. Under the terms of the contact I can’t talk about the book online until it is released in October, but you’ll hear about it then for sure.

Just a few days ago I also gave my first in-person talk about my novel for a private members-only event in Newcastle. Thankfully the next event I’ve been booked to speak at is open to everyone. If you’d like to see my talking about my novel and upcoming projects in person you can catch me at the Write Here! festival on March 26. Hope to see you there.

New interview with Prison Pipeline

An interview I did with the podcast Prison Pipeline aired on KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon a few hours ago. Don’t worry if you missed it though, because you can still listen to it online here.

I hope everyone has stayed safe and well during the holiday period. I have been as busy as always. Earlier this month I was featured in my first group art exhibition (having only had solo exhibitions in the past). Newcastle Regional Library was kind enough to display artworks by myself (pictured) and other local talent. I also recorded another interview with a public library in South Australia, though I’m sure their holiday period has been just as crazy as everyone else’s, as they haven’t scheduled a release date yet.

Its been a challenging though extremely rewarding year for me, and 2021 is looking very promising at this stage. I’ve nearly finished enough artworks for my third solo art exhibition, plus I’m thrilled to report I’ve recently been approached by a publishing company to illustrate an upcoming book. I’ll tell you all about it once the details are confirmed. Two of the booked appearances I had for 2020 that were unfortunately cancelled due to COVID have also been rescheduled for February and March. Between all that, my day job, and trying to find a publisher for my now completed memoir, I think I’ll have my hands full. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you in the new year everyone. Best wishes.

Interviews with INCITE and Nelson Public Libraries

The Interviews keep coming. Earlier this month I was featured in Volume 41 of INCITE magazine. Normally this magazine is by subscription only but this issue has been made freely available online. You can download a PDF version from here.

An interview I did with Nelson Public Libraries in New Zealand has also recently gone live. You can check that out here. This is my first interview in New Zealand, though it won’t be the last. A second interview should be airing in the not to distant future, plus I’m organising an online talk as well. Dates to be confirmed. I’ve created a new page on my website to chronicle interviews and appearances once they occur. For future instant updates and the full back catalogue you can check out the list over at the ”Press” tab in the menu.

New podcast interview with Felony Inc

I’m very pleased to announce I’m following up my first UK interview (see last post) with my first US interview. The awesome team over at Felony Inc Podcast interviewed me for their 122nd episode, which was released earlier today. Topics discussed included the prison system, my novel, and also my activism for my good friend Bobby Bostic. You can find the link for the Apple Podcast version here.

With the anniversary of the release of my novel Scarred approaching late next month, promotion for it is starting to wind down. I’ve already given an interview for a magazine which will be released in a couple weeks, and recorded another video for a public library that doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet, and while I have a couple more promotional things left in the pipeline my main focus at the moment is putting the finishing touches on my memoir. I ended up hiring the same manuscript assessor I originally got for my novel, and their completed report was finished a couple days ago. The feedback was great, but as always, there’s a lot of recommendations for improvements. At this stage my aim is to have the memoir polished up enough to start submitting it to publishers by the end of November. Hopefully it takes less than three years for me to find a publisher this time. Wish me luck.