Dates confirmed for Newcastle Writer’s Festival

I’m very happy to announce the details have been released for my booked appearance at this years Newcastle Writer’s Festival. I’ll be on a panel with two other local authors, talking about the experience of writing our books and the journey to publication. My slot is on Saturday the 4th of April, from 11:30am till 12:30pm. Aside from a brief speech at my book launch, this will be the first public talk I’ll be giving about my book, but it won’t be the last. I’ve already been booked elsewhere for another panel in May, plus a stand-alone talk in September. Stay tuned for further details about those.

Second art exhibition on display

Having a launch for an art exhibition is always a bit daunting. Thankfully my second one went just as well as my first. ‘Faces of Suspension’ launched last Friday night at Suspension Espresso in Islington, NSW. The art will still be on display until February 3rd, so go down and check it out if you get a chance.

Having a joint book launch and art exhibition and a second stand-alone art exhibition within two months has been a lot of work. Now that it’s over though I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Mostly I’m focusing on the autobiography (now 79,000 words in), though I’m still finding time to promote my novel Scarred. Check out this interview I did recently with the book website Awesome Gang.

Paper Chained Issue 3 available online

A huge thank you to all the very generous people who have contributed to the current fundraiser for Paper Chained, a journal aimed at people who have been affected by the prison system. While enough donations have now been raised to get the journal printed and posted into prisons, expenses are still ongoing, so any further donations would still be greatly appreciated.

As I mentioned in my previous post here, this issue of Paper Chained, like the previous two, contains a contribution from myself. This year, since the release date of Paper Chained was so close to that of my novel Scarred, I chose to submit the first chapter for everyone to read. So if you’ve been meaning to check out my novel anyway, you can now read the first chapter for free. Issue 3 of Paper Chained can be read online here.

Fundraiser call for Paper Chained

The third issue of Paper Chained, an annual writing journal aimed at people in or affected by the prison system, has been completed and is ready to print. Much like last year’s issue (pictured), issue three contains contributions from many people, including myself. Unfortunately the good people who run the journal haven’t raised enough money to actually send it into prisons yet, so it’s currently stuck in limbo.

Journals like Paper Chained help give inmates a voice. Little things like this can really make a big difference to people inside, cut off from loved one and regular support. Plus it’s one of only two Australian publications specifically aimed at prisoners that I’m aware of.

Please consider supporting the current fundraising efforts. You can find their GoFundMe account here.

On the promotion trail

Writing a novel is the easy part my friends. Finding a publisher was time consuming¬† and disheartening at times, but promoting the book is what really takes up all the effort. Most of my day today was spent delivery consignments of books and filling out invoices for what has already sold. Plus I’m still scheduling talks with the media.

There’s a profile on my story in the newly released December issue of The Hunter Local (pictured). Get yourself a copy if you can and have a read. I’ve also got another two print publications lining up interviews for early next year, plus I’ve been booked to give talks at both the Newcastle Writer’s Festival (3-5 April 2020) and the Write Here! Festival (30-31 May 2020). Watch this space for exact details as they become available in the coming months.