Interviews with INCITE and Nelson Public Libraries

The Interviews keep coming. Earlier this month I was featured in Volume 41 of INCITE magazine. Normally this magazine is by subscription only but this issue has been made freely available online. You can download a PDF version from here.

An interview I did with Nelson Public Libraries in New Zealand has also recently gone live. You can check that out here. This is my first interview in New Zealand, though it won’t be the last. A second interview should be airing in the not to distant future, plus I’m organising an online talk as well. Dates to be confirmed. I’ve created a new page on my website to chronicle interviews and appearances once they occur. For future instant updates and the full back catalogue you can check out the list over at the ”Press” tab in the menu.

New podcast interview with Felony Inc

I’m very pleased to announce I’m following up my first UK interview (see last post) with my first US interview. The awesome team over at Felony Inc Podcast interviewed me for their 122nd episode, which was released earlier today. Topics discussed included the prison system, my novel, and also my activism for my good friend Bobby Bostic. You can find the link for the Apple Podcast version here.

With the anniversary of the release of my novel Scarred approaching late next month, promotion for it is starting to wind down. I’ve already given an interview for a magazine which will be released in a couple weeks, and recorded another video for a public library that doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet, and while I have a couple more promotional things left in the pipeline my main focus at the moment is putting the finishing touches on my memoir. I ended up hiring the same manuscript assessor I originally got for my novel, and their completed report was finished a couple days ago. The feedback was great, but as always, there’s a lot of recommendations for improvements. At this stage my aim is to have the memoir polished up enough to start submitting it to publishers by the end of November. Hopefully it takes less than three years for me to find a publisher this time. Wish me luck.

New podcast interview with Bare Books

If you’re not subscribed to Bare Books podcast yet, here’s a new reason to be. Season 2 of their show kicks off with an interview with me and discussion of my novel Scarred. The interview with me goes for about 25 minutes, though for me listening to the two hosts continue to discuss my novel after the interview ended was the most entertaining part. There’s something surreal about listening to two critics heatedly debating the motivation of characters you created and ending up having to agree to disagree with each other. Check out the episode here.

Incidentally if you missed the excerpts from the ‘Towards a World Without Prisons’ webinar when they aired on 4ZZZ radio in Brisbane earlier this month you can now check it out parts of it here on my YouTube channel.  I was one of three panel members interviewed for the program.

I’ve got another podcast interview coming out shortly, plus another couple video talks with libraries in the works. Stay tuned for more news.

Interviews, author talks, podcasts and radio.

It’s definitely been a big week for interviews and promotion. I’m currently featured on the front page of Port Macquarie News, giving an interview regarding my upcoming online author talk. You can find the print interview here, though it is behind a paywall. And just a reminder you can register for my upcoming talk with Mid North Coast Library Service on September 9th at 2pm here.

My profile and recorded video for Hawkesbury Library Service are now also online and can be found here. Excerpts from a webinar I appeared on regarding COVID-19 and the prison system last month are also going to be aired September 3rd at 10am AEST on 4ZZZ radio Brisbane. Make sure to tune in and check it out.

I’ve also given an interview for an Australian magazine and will be appearing in their December issue. Plus I’ve still got two podcast appearances later this month, one of which will be airing on September 30. I’ll post links to those as they become available.

Live zoom chat with Mid North Coast library

Its been a good few weeks since you heard from me last friends. My masters degree (specialising in records and archives) turned up in the mail last Wednesday, plus I found a temporary work contract as an archivist, which is my end-term career goal after all. I’ve finished the draft of my memoir and am now working on polishing it up (and trying to trim the word count down) before I submit it to publishers. That’s always a long process unfortunately, but at least the hardest part is done. But mostly today I want to talk about the promotion for my novel I’ve got lined up for next month.

Things will be kicking off pretty early. I’ve done a pre-recorded talk for Hawksbury Library Service, which they’ll be releasing on September 1st. I’ll be added to their list of ‘Guest Authors‘ on that date. This was my first pre-recorded video, but it won’t be my only video appearance this month.

On September 9th at 2pm, you’ll be able to catch me live via a zoom interview with Mid North Coast library, talking about my novel and the process of writing it. Register for the event here. While I’ve now done pre-recorded radio interviews, a podcast, and obviously this upcoming Hawksbury video talk, this experience with Mid North Coast library will be my first live interview. Naturally I’m a little nervous, but I’m really looking forward to this exciting new opportunity.

I’ve also got two more podcast interviews lined up for September. I’ll be recording on the 12th with a UK podcaster and with a US based one on the 28th. I haven’t been given the dates the recordings will be released yet, but I’ll post the links here as always once they’re online. Best wishes till then, and hope to see you in the zoom interview!