Second article published by 10 daily

Well I did promise there would be more. I wrote my next opinion piece for 10 daily as soon as uni break hit, submitting it the day before I went on vacation to the Northern Territory. There wasn’t a lot of reception at Kakadu or some of the other places I visited, and anyway, I tried to avoid the internet as much as possible while I was there, so it was a pleasant surprise to come home and discover the article was accepted and published.

This one is on prison education, or rather, the lack-thereof in the system. Have a read of the article here. I’m not sure if I’ll write another one anytime soon. I only have so many interesting prison experiences that I can segue into an opinion piece. Plus I’m currently a bit swamped putting the final touches on my novel, which I’m pleased to announce, has been accepted by an independent traditional publisher and is on track to be published later this year. Watch this space folks.

First art video released on YouTube

So my art account on Instagram has been doing fairly well, especially now that I’m on uni break and have finally had the time to work on my backlog of commissions. This week, however, I got around to doing something I’d been meaning to do for a long time. I recorded myself drawing on time-lapse video.

The time-lapse records a period of just under two hours, though I did spend a good half-hour touching the portrait up once the camera stopped rolling. Fun fact: it took me longer to teach myself how to edit with iMovie to make this clip than it did to draw the actual picture. Hope you enjoy.

Damien Linnane published by 10 daily

Well it finally happened. I’m now a paid writer.

Following my interview with 10 daily last week, I was asked if I could contribute some articles on my experiences in the prison system. I’m very proud to report the first one was published today. I decided I’d start by writing about libraries in prison, and the refuge I found in them after finding out the system gives you nothing constructive to do with your sentence. You can read it here. The article even drops a link to my art account on Instagram!

I’ve been asked to write another piece, but I’m got two major university assessments due at the end of the month so I probably won’t get a chance till June. You can rest assured they’ll be more though.

Damien Linnane interviewed by 10 daily

As you may recall, I was interviewed last year by ABC News and ABC Radio Melbourne regarding the prison pen-pal ban in Victoria. Well it appears I’m now the go to point of contact in Australia for any information on writing to prisoners, something I’m quite happy about. Last week Antoinette Lattouf, a journalist from Network Ten, got in touch wanting an interview about the difficulties writing to prisoners in Australia.

As you can see from reading the article, which went live earlier today, Australia is a long way behind other first world nations when it comes to  pen-pal programs for prisoners. Still, being effectively forced to write to overseas inmates instead of Australian ones has been an interesting and rewarding experience.

Call for submissions to Paper Chained

Submissions for the third issue of Paper Chained are now open. Paper Chained is a journal of expression for prisoners and ex-prisoners, their family and friends, and anyone affected by the criminal justice system. Submissions of all kinds are accepted, including personal stories, poetry and short fiction. If you or anyone you know might have something they’d like to share please get in touch with Running Wild, the organisation that runs the journal. You can find their email and postal address here.

This year I’ll either be submitting the first chapter of my novel Scarred, or the prologue of my upcoming autobiography. I haven’t decided which yet, but either way I intend for this to serve as a teaser of sorts, hopefully providing entertainment and also generating some interest in one of my upcoming books at the same time. I have some time to think about it though; submissions are open until October 31st this year, with Issue 3 scheduled to drop sometime in November.

The fundraiser to help cover the costs of running the journal is also still open. Please click here to contribute.