Release date and pre-order availability for Scarred

Things are coming along very nicely with the novel my friends. We now have an official release date for both Kindle and paperback: November 28, 2019.

Scarred now has profiles on both the US and Australian Amazon stores. I also now have a profile as an author on the Amazon US website. Check it out here.

The Kindle version is currently available for pre-order from both Amazon stores. Scarred will also be available for Kindle Unlimited from its release date. The ebook version of Scarred will be exclusive to Amazon for the first three months, then will be released on other ebook platforms.

The paperback version is available for pre-order from several online sellers; a full list can be found here. The paperback version is distributed by Ingram in Australia, which means it can also be ordered in most bookstores here.

Scarred cover art released

Scarred 2 Damien LinnaneI’m thrilled to announce the cover art for my novel has now been finished. I’m very happy with the design, and also very happy to report we’re on track for a November release. Several book stores in the Newcastle area have agreed to stock copies. I’ve also found at least three publications that are willing to run promotional coverage on the novel, plus I’ve already been approved to be on a local author panel next year. More promotional activity is being lined up; all details will be revealed in time. I’ve also create a new page for my novel at this website, which you can find here.

Life is busy as always. I’ve just finished working on a ghostwriting project, and I’m currently working on getting the last assessments in for my master’s degree. Once that finishes in October I’m going to start working on my autobiography again. I’m currently about 58,000 words into my first draft. You know I think the definition of adulting is telling yourself that life will get easier as soon as you finish whatever it is you’re working on, but it never really ends does it? 🙂

First meeting with the office of the Minister for Corrections

Earlier this week, along with the Justice Action team, I attended a meeting at the office for the Minister for Counter-Terrorism and Corrections. While we were initially given an appointment with minister Anthony Roberts directly, this unfortunately fell through, but we were still able to speak with his advisors. We raised five topics for the minister to respond to:

  1. The OPCAT treaty and its relation to prisons
  2. The current lack of computers in cells in NSW, and the limitations this causes for education
  3. The current lack of education in prison in general
  4. The inquest into the death of David Dungay in custody
  5. The iExpress service for inmates

Issue 3, the current status of education in prisons, was my talking point. I drew from personal experience but also raised the drop in education as per the government’s own statistics, and the cost-effectiveness of prison education programs as seen overseas. We all felt very positive about how the meeting went and are awaiting the minister’s response.

New article up on 10 daily

Considering I’ve been interviewed about having prison pen-pals three times now, I thought it was high time I wrote an article about the subject myself.

10 daily published my third article on their website today. You can read it here.

Uni break ends this weekend, and I’m still being kept busy with portraits and with the process of having my novel published, so this might be the last one for a while though. Hope you like it.

Damien Linnane featured on Justice Action

My good friends over at Justice Action have made a profile for me on their website. Justice Action is a human rights group, focusing on the rights of prisoners and involuntary mental health patients. I first heard of Justice Action while I was in prison towards the end of my sentence. They had put together a newsletter informing prisoners of their right to vote; inmates with sentences of under three years can still vote in elections. I subsequently began correspondence with them and maintain a relationship with the group to this day.

Justice Action contacted me a couple weeks ago, asking if I wanted to have a featured profile on the ‘Prisoner’s Voices’ section of their website. You can check out the profile here. There’s nothing there that readers of my website won’t already know, but I think it’s worth a visit anyway just to see how good it looks.