Fundraiser call for Paper Chained

The third issue of Paper Chained, an annual writing journal aimed at people in or affected by the prison system, has been completed and is ready to print. Much like last year’s issue (pictured), issue three contains contributions from many people, including myself. Unfortunately the good people who run the journal haven’t raised enough money to actually send it into prisons yet, so it’s currently stuck in limbo.

Journals like Paper Chained help give inmates a voice. Little things like this can really make a big difference to people inside, cut off from loved one and regular support. Plus it’s one of only two Australian publications specifically aimed at prisoners that I’m aware of.

Please consider supporting the current fundraising efforts. You can find their GoFundMe account here.

On the promotion trail

Writing a novel is the easy part my friends. Finding a publisher was time consuming  and disheartening at times, but promoting the book is what really takes up all the effort. Most of my day today was spent delivery consignments of books and filling out invoices for what has already sold. Plus I’m still scheduling talks with the media.

There’s a profile on my story in the newly released December issue of The Hunter Local (pictured). Get yourself a copy if you can and have a read. I’ve also got another two print publications lining up interviews for early next year, plus I’ve been booked to give talks at both the Newcastle Writer’s Festival (3-5 April 2020) and the Write Here! Festival (30-31 May 2020). Watch this space for exact details as they become available in the coming months.


Scarred officially released

Its been a very long journey since day three of my prison sentence, when I started writing my novel, but I’m pleased to announce that Scarred by Damien Linnane and published by Tenth Street Press is officially released as of today.

Order it in paperback through your preferred online seller here. You can also order it through most bookstores, and it is already available in most bookstores in the Newcastle area (one example pictured). You can also order it on Kindle here.

I make roughly the same profit per sale regardless of which seller you go through (including Kindle), so purchase it whichever way is most convenient for you. And if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a rating on GoodReads here.

Damien Linnane featured in the Newcastle Herald

Another day, another interview published. I’m thrilled to let you know the Newcastle Herald interviewed and photographed me last week. Not only did they cover the story of my novel Scarred, they also left it a very positive review.

The online version of the article can be found here (subscription required). According to editor Jim Kellar: “There is never a dull moment in the 400-plus pages, written with street-smart thought patterns that make the characters come to life in Sydney as they blend in to the people-scape.”

But most importantly, check out the world’s greatest photo of my dog IzzyB as the lead image for the article. If that alone doesn’t sell a few copies, I don’t know what will. 🙂